Boost Your genes by… THINKING!

Boost Your genes by… THINKING!

How many times have you heard that it’s good for you to be positive and focused on the bright side of life? How often, when passing a bookshop, has a title on positive thinking or the power of the human mind caught your eye? And, frankly, how often did you think it’s just a bunch of crap… or at least wishful thinking?

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong!

The biggest force that could give the very best of what you could ever expect of life is closer than you think - in your head. It’s your ability to THINK.

It sounds so simple, but don’t underestimate it. It’s a powerful weapon you have, if you only knew how to use it. As with everything in life, it works both ways – you can be stressed all the time and concentrated on the negative, not willing to change – or get focused on the positive aspects, using knowledge as a tool for constant improvement and growth.

The good news is that YOU can DECIDE which way you want to go and consciously move in that direction.

The consequences of a wrong choice could be enormous. If you don’t direct your thoughts, sooner or later, not only will your life be miserable, but your families’ and friends’ as well. On the other hand, when making right choice, you can gain more that you could ever imagine.

Just try it one day – be the director of a movie called ‘MY LIFE’. Focus on the positive. Magnify them! Enjoy simple things like a meal with your family or a hot bath. Check it out and tell me how it worked for you. I can only promise you one thing – you will be surprised with the results!

Making it even more amazing, the latest medical research showed that a positive lifestyle could change your DNA structure! Yes, that’s true. As impossible as it sounds, that’s how it is – we have the ability to influence our genes!

That research included two groups of men with prostate cancer diagnoses. One group followed a program of comprehensive lifestyle changes, including diet, physical activity, stress management and social support. The second group  didn’t have to change a single thing. The first group learned, among others, how to direct their thinking, manage stress to become relaxed, happier. Additionally, they utilized yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Moreover, they enjoyed a plant-based diet.

When the time for results came – it was unbelievable! The group that was made to take care of themselves, experienced increase in telomere length.

Just quick explanation: telomeres are regions at the end of our chromosomes that protect them form degradation. In simple words – the shorter telomeres are, the more prone to degradation our genes and cells are. Meaning that we are getting older, dying at the molecular level!

What does it mean for YOU? Its very simple – the longer telomeres, the longer the cell life – the longer and healthier YOUR life will be! Sounds promising, right?

And it all starts inside you – inside your brain with a single thought followed with a right DECISION…

So, that’s my advice for you. Keep it and THINK about it.

The choice is always yours: if you want THE GAME OF YOUR LIFE to be short, dull, grey and full of sorrow, or if you choose to live your life to the fullest with the most vivid colors possible.


Choose wisely!

…and take your life to the next level of THE GAME!



Ornish D, Lin J, Chan JM, et al. Effect of comprehensive lifestyle changes on telomerase activity and telomere length in men with biopsy-proven low-risk prostate cancer: 5-year follow-up of a descriptive pilot study. Lancet Oncol 2013; 14(11): 1112-1120.


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