Drink WATER!!!

Drink WATER!!!

Drink WATER!!!

Easy, right? WRONG!!! 80% of the population is dehydrated!!! Which causes:

  • a zombie like look
  • circles around your eyes
  • shadows under eyes
  • lethargy, being sleepy all the time
  • slower metabolism
  • low energy

Sounds awful, right? So, GOT IT? DRINK IT!!! Only that OR AS MUCH AS THAT. Ask yourself a question: How much water do you drink daily?


The body of an adult Rebel consists of 60% water (a small Rebel is even more fluid 🙂 )





WATER is the answer, Baby.

To make the machine (your body) active – you need pure water. Why not drink it, for crying out loud? How much water does a  Rebel need? Again, it depends. It’s all about a person’s sex, age, climate, physical activity, etc. More or less, everyone needs 2 litres a day. It is THAT important - water helps to purify and alkalize, which is a key to OUTSTANDING ENERGY. That's why I speak much more about this topic in KickAss Alkaline Rebel eCourse.

Can it be funny and hot to just ‘drink water’ – of course! Make a H2O elixir: squeeze some lemon, add a dash of mint and, voila, you’ll have something lovely dancing on your taste buds!
If you keep in secret any jazzy recipe for a other H2O elixir, share it with the world! Leave a comment below!!!


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