Can’t wake up in the morning? Here’s how to get more energy while sleeping!

Can’t wake up in the morning? Here’s how to get more energy while sleeping!

Life is so tempting with all its possibilities! You know that, right? 😀  A 24-hour day is often not enough to deal with all that jazz and to enjoy yourself… especially when you feel like a Dead Man Walking during the day, just looking where to recharge yourself like a mobile phone.

As a multi-passionate person, I do a lot of things during the day, which means my day is pretty packed. Most of my activities are connected with work, but I want to have time for family and fun as well. If you’re like me, I don’t need to tell you how frustrating it is to feel like “wash, rinse and repeat” when I get up in the morning. I would have done anything to go back to sleep again! After a while, even coffee stopped working!!! I felt like a zombie all day long, which means it took me twice as much time to do my scheduled routine. I was SO frustrated. You know that feeling – coming home and having your family, friends, hobbies, loved one waiting for you and you just want to go to bed (TO SLEEP IN IT. PERIOD 😆 ). One day – I said ENOUGH! There must be a solution, and I will find it. I am going to beat low energy forever!!! Now I will share that with you.


Step 1 - Sleep!!!

11 pm say ‘adios’ and shut down for the day. Check out my video on why sleep is so important (not only for energy, but for that sexy body too).

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So now you know so much more – also how to stop the ageing processes, sugar cravings, improve concentration and reduce your appetite. And it really works!

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When we go sleep late at night, we just lie to ourselves that we do more, but the honest truth is different. The next day we are exhausted!!! Our bodies and brains are freaking tired!! So we tend to do things at turtle speed. We drink more coffee, but after a while we are even more tired and things just snowball from there.

TAKE ACTION – stop it right now. Promise yourself that starting today you will have decent, high quality sleep. And you will see the results yourself in a couple of days: your body will regenerate. After a good night’s sleep, you will be full with energy and ready to conquer the world!!!


Step 2 - To make yourself super-energetic, give your digestive system a break.

That means: DO NOT EAT 2 HOURS BEFORE SLEEPING. Just imagine – when you eat just before bedtime, all the cells in your body and your whole digestive system is put to work again. It’s like night duty! Where is the time to regenerate? It’s no surprise that you are tired in the morning, even after 8 hours of sleep. Why shouldn’t you be if you didn’t have time to rest properly?!


Step 3 - Say YES to alkalinity!!!

Your last meal (yes, preferably your whole diet 🙂 ) should be alkaline. That means you are giving all possible Wellness to your body to make it feel like it’s in heaven. Why the heck not? We have one body all our lives - it’s good to take care of it, right?!

The alkaline-acid balance is probably the most underestimated factor of our body’s functioning. It’s about being weak and tired vs. vibrant and energetic, prone to diseases vs. having a boosted immune system. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

How does it work? Acidity (the enemy of alkalinity) drains you of all your power and beauty. It’s all about how every single little cell works vis-à-vis the specific environment that YOU create in your body. That’s mostly (but not only) affected by what you eat and drink! So, that means having big salads in the evenings 🙂 !  If you make a rainbow on your plate with colorful veggies, you can be pretty sure you are one step closer to being an Alkaline Queen or King. If you want to dig more in that awesome topic of alkalinity, my kick-ass crash course will be more than enough to reveal to you that precious knowledge for energy, beauty and vitality.

ACTION STEP – implement at least one of the steps NOW, TODAY!!! Remember – the time to change your life/LEVEL OF ENERGY is now!!! It’s no fun when your life is floppy and tiring, where you neither feel like doing anything nor feel like anything yourself. It’s just horrible!


It’s time for a Rebellious act into TOTAL ENERGY!!!


I would like to hear your feedback and how this works for you. Please leave a comment below. If this article gave you a boost to act, please share it with others to help them as well!

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