What to do if losing weight is a never-ending story? The most important tip to help you gain the body you deserve!

What to do if losing weight is a never-ending story? The most important tip to help you gain the body you deserve!

Do you have this strange feeling that life is unfair when it comes to the “body” thing? No matter how you look, it could always be a bit better, right?  😉

Stop worrying! I’ll share with you great information to help you shape your body more effectively. It is all scientifically proven, but, more importantly, I checked it personally and it DOES WORK!!  After reading this article “I Can’t Lose Weight”, would be nothing more than a funny old story! It doesn’t matter if you are:

  • One of those who have tried EVERYTHING (supplements, both herbal and those strange “I don’t really know what’s in this, but the advert was so promising” things) and still nothing;
  • Being massively overweight and waiting for the perfect time or some voice telling you to start “the gym and diet period” in your life;
  • Going to the gym 5 times a week and, bloody hell, nothing is happening with your weight;
  • Generally everything is ok, but a few inches less would be a great option (all of us woman have got this mentality from time to time 😛 )!

Now it’s time to share the top secret why your body is accumulating fat on the first place, so you know how to reverse it.


The golden key to success is ALKALINITY!!!


You’re probably asking: what the heck is that? Well, alkalinity responds to WHAT you eat and HOW you eat it. Your body has a measurable pH level. For you to be healthy and vibrant it needs to be optimal, which means slightly alkaline. pH 7.35 is the perfect wellness ‘temperature’ for the body. Then we are at our best and the body is simply working at 110%, like a Swiss clock. YES, we can burn that unwanted ballast easily.

When the body is trashed with all the wrong, acidic foods like canned or processed stuff, which you can learn more about in my eCourse, the body’s pH swings from alkaline to acidic. Then, “BANG, BANG” – your body is kind of saying “Oh, come on, I am sick of this! I don’t know how to defend myself from this crap! Oh, wait! I can produce some fat and put all the toxins in it.” Simply speaking, when you stuff yourself with acidic foods on a regular basis, you don’t give your body a chance to process and eliminate toxins and they are stored in fat cells. It’s as easy as that!

The most important thing to remember is that everything that you put into your mouth could be divided into alkaline or acidic food (drinks count too!) and directly affect the pH of your body AND thus your metabolism.

An alkaline diet lifestyle is like nutritional insurance for your body to be its best: work (out) efficiently and gain outstanding results inside and out! (YES, the anti-aging effect comes with the package too)!

Eating consciously and with the right amount of alkaline food will really help you get to your winning point with your diet. Of course, it requires time to get the ‘alkaline swinging rules’ and devotion (yes, you need to move your a** too!). But it totally changes the Game!!!

Of course, there is much more to the topic of the ‘love-your-body’ ALKALINE story! If you feel like you really want to dive into it, check out the Kick-Ass Alkaline Rebel eCourse where I guide you step by step toward your goal - making the way easy, comfortable and, most importantly, FUN! And there is an alkalizing challenge waiting for you as well!

You are just one step from choosing the alkaline path. Remember, the reward is outstanding! Your body and every little cell in it will thank you for this. You will lose fat, boost immunity, and stimulate youthfulness and wellness. You’ll discover how quickly you will look and feel your best (and isn’t that something you deserve, hmm? I think IT IS!).

Now it’s ACTION TIME – your time to change your body right now and grab the feeling of Wellness. Eat 5 portions of fruit and veggies a day. Need something sweet? What would you say to fresh coconut juice or a piece of heavenly watermelon melting in your mouth? Before taking a chocolate bar just ask yourself – will my Goddess body thank me or punish me for that? Will I be an Alkaline Super Star or an Acidic Loser? The choice is yours, but it feels good to have a choice when looking in the mirror and knowing what can be changed, right?

If you have any ideas on this subject – use your fingers and type them below! Leave a comment and let me know how it works for you.

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