How to implement your strategic plan to get your dream results?

How to implement your strategic plan to get your dream results?

Let’s face it – it’s always easy to read about something, love the idea and agree that it’s helpful. Actually DOING IT, though? That’s a totally different story.

We often start something and in the beginning it’s all great and pink. You feel like a winner, but eventually something happens (knock, knock – ‘real life’ is here) and that’s it. It’s over. No more passion and willpower. You simply lose it, no matter how much you loved it in the first place.

Everyone at some point in their life had moments like this. That’s totally OK, because you know what? – life is to challenge us. The big question is how you will respond to that challenge!

There are many great tools out there that can help you get your dream results effectively. As a matter of fact, I share a lot of them in my Rebel Wellness Wonderland. When doing 1x1 coaching, giving speeches or guiding you step by step in my kick-ass eCourses, I always use the best strategies to make sure your decisions and life changes will be sustainable. That’s because I want you to not only have the best knowledge, but actually implement it! Nevertheless, let me share with you as much as I can to change your life right NOW so you can Rock&Roll with your plans and dreams.


The Golden Grail Strategy that always works is to be what I call a Laugh Hunter. Remember the Monty Python movie, The Life of Brian, where they sing, “always look on the bright side of life”? If you don’t or if you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend you go and see it! It’s one of those movies that shows you the ultimate rule for being successful, which is: MAKE EVERYTHING YOU DO FUNNY AND TEMPTING! You think that’s impossible? Be creative – trust me, everything can be fun and tempting!!!

Let me tell you how I walked the walk, rather than just talked the talk. When I was in medical school, there were some horrible anatomy classes with tons and tons of information. And it looked all the same: boring! As a multi-passionate person who loves telling stories, I had started making up funny episodes like how different nerves were real people with issues and struggles (for example, the nervous olfactorious was an old man living in a crappy old factory, and he had hilarious routines). Like in a soap opera. It doesn’t have to be funny or make any sense for anyone other than you! You know what? Whenever I was this close to giving up on my decisions or goals, I just closed my eyes and asked myself: “What do I need to do to make this fun for me?” It worked every time, even with the boring stuff! My classmates would say, “Oh no, we need to study again,” and my response was “Yeaaaahhh, time to create another hilarious story!” 🙂 . I can tell you that this is the one strategy you want to implement today! Being miserable or just ‘so, so’ will not make you want ‘it’ and follow ‘it’ - whatever that ‘IT’ is for you!

So my dear Happy Winner 🙂 - do you like it? Please share in comments your ‘Ahaaa’ moments and the funny stories you have already created. Remember to also use those fancy social buttons below to share this strategy with those who need it as much as you do!


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