medRebelTV – How to lose weight and get your dream bikini look? Fall in love with slimming fats!

medRebelTV – How to lose weight and get your dream bikini look? Fall in love with slimming fats!

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and have a trim body?
Have you ever limited the amount of fat in your diet in order to do so?
Have you ever joined the ‘club’ of strong believers that eating fat will make you FAT?

If the answer to any of those is yes, this medRebelTV episode is for you!

There is a global trend in today’s society that whenever people want to lose weight they search for fat-free: fat-free diets, fat-free meals and products, fat-free fat. ☺

Be smart.
Get to know the jAzZy facts that will massively change your live.
You will never look at fat the same way again!

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I would love to get your thoughts on this!

What does your relationship with fat look like? How is it going to change? Write at least one action you are going to take to fall in love with plant-based fats. Be as specific as you can. Share your insights with other Rebels who visit here for inspiration. Remember to SHARE this episode with those who still believe in the big fat myth.


Thank you so much for watching, sharing & most of all - YOUR COURAGE TO HAVE HEALTHY, VIBRANT, BEAUTIFUL LIFE!


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