About a Girl

About a Girl


Hi Wellness Rebel!


Welcome to my RWW (which stands for Rebel Wellness Wonderland 🙂 )!

I am… here to help YOU! As a multi-passionate MD PhD wellness coach and a strong believer in the holistic approach, I will use that super mixture to make YOUR life amazing, fun… and pretty rebel too!

You (yes, YOU!) have the power to reach your fullest potential and be your best self!  My mission is to help you ‘play the Game of your life’ to win all the VIBRANCY, HEALTH and BEAUTY! Because you deserve it!

‘BEAUTY’ is an emotion. It’s a state of soul combined with vibrant, healthy body. It’s being comfortable in your own skin, glowing from the inside out. Beauty is a lifestyle!
That’s when the TRUE ANTI-AGING begins. It means to have guts and dare to be vibrant, healthy and beautiful no matter if you are in your 20s or 70s. It stands for constant upgrading the quality of your life and being proactive with best tools and strategies.

‘But what the heck is The Game of Your Life and how can I benefit from it?’ you might ask. So let me explain:

LIFE IS A GAME. Everyone’s life – yours and mine. We all have our own private paths, but the basic rules are similar for everyone. The winner is the person who gets to the target - MEANING: YOU – THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!!!

I will show you how to:


Upgrade your health!

It does NOT matter if you are 20 years old without any history of disease, a middle-aged diabetic, a wellness searcher or cancer survivor. Healthy or unhealthy, struggling with all kinds of conditions like acne, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, depression, etc. EVERYONE CAN WIN THEIR LIVES!!!


Bring more balance & beauty!

Don’t let Mr. Stress be in charge

Sharpen your memory and stay focused

Boost your immunity – bye, bye flu…

Get the body you want

C’mon! Give your skin that radiant glow

Get ready for looking & feeling younger as a bonus 🙂


Gain energy & vitality!

Life without energy simply sucks! Why suffer? It’s time to reboot! Total energy means having time for your loved ones, yourself and being passionate about everything you do.

Boost your life and win the Game with FREE weekly updates!


sometimes we don’t know, even when we think we do…

As a matter of fact, I wish I had that knowledge and tools at the beginning of my journey. My rebel story started in my early 20’s. Suddenly I found that my body was totally on strike. Having more than one serious health issue and unsatisfactory answers from mainstream allopathic medicine, I took a big breath and made a 360° shift: I took my life into my own hands. Those obstacles only strengthened my out-of-the-box approach. At that time I was already a multi-passionate medical student, with a strong belief in the human spirit – always mind-body-soul directed. True health started to be more than just absence of disease and helping – more than just lessening symptoms. There were still some pieces missing, however. Ever since, I’ve been filling the gap, both on a professional and personal level. Looking for an ultimate answer, I danced a passionate tango with psychotherapy, sexology, gynecology, endocrinology, dermatology and anti-aging medicine. That’s how I dove deeply into holistic medicine, focused on root causes rather than symptoms – seeing the enormous possibilities of finding balance in life of every special human being.

Finally I was also personally rewarded. I learned that focusing on our inner wisdom is the key to success; a plant-based diet is the best medicine you can get; true beauty starts from within and that moving your body is simply a must 🙂 !


And I can tell you now – VIBRANT HEALTH IS PRETTY HOT!


That’s why I created this very special place on the Internet. I want to help you to swing through obstacles that can prevent you from reaching your winning point, as I do in my everyday work with amazing people both in my clinic, through coaching and by giving speeches. My goal is to give you all my knowledge, passion and experience to keep you Rock&Roll with your life, fulfill your mission and positively influence the world. I want to bring you all the wellness essence that I have been living, with total honesty and respect for you! All of those - always with huge dose of fun, out-of-the-box approaches and a lot of outstandingly wild energy!



Dare to have vibrant, healthy, beautiful life!


Professional Biography

Agnes Frankel, MD, PhD is a multi-passionate holistic medicine leader and trailblazing health coach. In her everyday work, she helps people redefine their lives and dare to make them vibrant & beautiful beyond their wildest imagination, using the Mind-Body approach. She graduated from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. After her studies, she completed a two-year postgraduate program at the International Training Centre for Anti-Aging Medicine and the International Specialization led by the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine. She is also a health coach certified by Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, USA. She is vice-president of Polish Academy of Dietetics and Micronutrition, a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the Polish Society of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, the Polish Society of Mesotherapy and the Polish Dermatological Society. She is an author of many scientific publications and presentations. Additionally, she is constantly improving her knowledge and skills during conferences and seminars all over the world.


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