Sharing my experiences and knowledge with others is my life passion!

Everyday, I meet with dozens of people and hear their problems. They all have one common goal: having a life filled with health, happiness and beauty!

As a speaker, I help listeners revolutionise their thinking about health and disease. Everything I talk about and what I teach are things I’ve experienced firsthand. As a result, I’m 100% certain that…

  • If I can do it, so can you!
  • If you make a conscious decision, there are no limits!

I want to continually reach out to the largest possible number of people seeking momentum for change and having a life filled with inner and outer beauty. All of us deserve to live lives of optimal health and balance, which in the end not only affects ourselves, but takes our environment to a whole new level – from increased efficiency at work to, most importantly, our relationships with our loved ones!

At numerous conferences and events, I have conveyed the latest innovations in living a healthy lifestyle in an accessible, interesting and fun way so that listeners can be inspired to be…



Past live events

Speaking Dr. Agnes Frankel 'TRUE BEAUTY in holistic approach'
Lecture for health care professionals featuring newest and most effective strategies for longevity, beauty and holistic care. Feb 2015
Speaking Dr. Agnes Frankel 'START YOUNG - STAY YOUNG'
Coaching for a group of 350 physicians on the aspect of Anti-Aging. How using the right nutrition and psychology strategies can help their patients and themselves to create a healthy, vibrant, beautiful and long life. Jan 2015
Speaking Dr. Agnes Frankel
'ANTI-AGING - Your Natural Beauty'
Inspirational coaching at Women’s Day event, showing in simple steps how to thrive in life when unleashing full youthfulness, femininity and health potential. Mar 2014

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