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Give yourself a chance to thrive with WILD ENERGY each and every day!


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The eCourse consists of video streaming guides packed with easy-to-understand knowledge, ready-to-use strategies, and a lot of inspiration to take a massive action and accomplish your goals.

Additionally, there are ready-to-download jAzZy PDF ‘Rebel Sheets’ waiting for you that summarize the best knowledge and tools, and give you an opportunity to write down your answers and ideas capturing your progress.

Also, there are resources made especially for you that you can immediately grab and use, like a handy list of green goodies you’ll want to treat yourself to or tips for easy goers.

All of this empowered comes with the opportunity to share your experiences, ask questions and get community support.


Alkaline Rabel eCourse interface

eCourse interface


Here’s what you get:


- The Philosophy behind the lifestyle of an ‘Alkaline Rebel’ with all its benefits.

- Best strategies for a winning mindset to help you attain whatever goal you have.

- Succulent and shiny, but very specific, knowledge to help you understand how your eating habits, movement and thinking influences your body’s condition - so you can make smart choices.

- jAzZy and effective exercises and tools to make sure you stick to your transformation and get your results.

- Awareness of how to nourish your body and soul so you can rock with your life, meaning:

- What to drink, how often to do it and why it’s so important.

- What to eat to give your body all the wellness it needs.

- Yummy recipes to show you how much fun healthy food can be.

- Spicy tips of how to lose that last 2 kg (or 4 pounds ☺) and improve your skin condition.

- Guidelines that will help you thrive with your health each and every day.

- The Psychological background behind finishing your relationship with old habits and falling in love with new, empowered ‘addictions’.

- Everything chunked down into simple steps to implement one after another, so you can achieve your goals with ease.

- Membership in a one-of-a-kind community with other Rebels (like you ☺) from around the world.


Alkaline Rebel eCourse



Just imagine what’s there for you, what jAzZy BENEFITS are waiting when you fully implement the Alkaline Rebel lifestyle!




Get the benefits!


- Get more time for yourself, the ones you love and your hobbies. When you boost yourself with wild energy, suddenly you can do more stuff in a given period of time.

- Act (do your work, daily routine) more efficiently. When you’re more energetic you don’t procrastinate, you aren’t pretending to be doing something - you are literally doing it. This also makes you even more tempting for your boss ☺.

- Get total control over your health and life - gain new empowered health habits by learning how to make conscious choices about what you eat, drink and how you move your body.

- Stop having colds and flus over and over again by improving your immunity - boost your health on the cellular level.

- Stop being confused when navigating conflicting information about diet.

- Get glowing skin and a sexy, in-shape body.

- Sleep better and stop looking weak and tired all day long – become an ‘Energy Machine’.

- Create foundations for longevity by proactively diminishing the ageing process.

- Look at life in a more positive way, just because of feeling better - hello happiness ☺.

- Make your life passionate and open to new possibilities by beating creakiness and exhaustion.

- Clearly set your goals and use the best strategies to achieve them.

- Fire up your life, making it vibrant and happy.


You are so close to boosting your life with wild energy. Give yourself this special gift. Transform your life to be the best self! You deserve it!

Click the button below and start the transformation immediately!


I agree to the Terms of Service


$195 $95  for limited time ONLY

Frequently Asked Questions

    How long can I use this eCourse?

    There is no time limit for eCourse access. You could review it as many times as you wish. What I’m giving you is my baby that I truly love! I’m not going anywhere and this eCourse will stay here for you. However, if at any point in the future that I decide to discontinue it, you will first be informed about how to secure your access.

    What is the refund policy?

    I fully stand behind everything that I’m doing and I’m completely sure about its great value. That’s why I will give you a full money back guarantee for 30 days after purchase. The only condition for the refund is that you will have to provide a completed workbook to prove that you played full out and gave yourself the opportunity to start getting the results. It’s because both parties are needed to make sure it happens. I’m sure that I will deliver with my site, so I would ask you to do your job as well. If you are still unsatisfied, I will be more than happy to refund 100% of your money.

    I’m a very busy person. How much time do I need to invest to complete this eCourse?

    It’s really up to you. The best idea would be to spend about an hour a day for the first 5 days to complete the eCourse itself. But after that, YOU will probably want to continue the process and reschedule your daily routine to benefit the most. Actually, one of the core advantages of this eCourse is to get more energy and power = doing things more efficiently = having more time! So the real question is if you can afford not to invest few hours in the first place to get back much more of it.

    I’m a total beginner without any experience in healthy lifestyles and personal development. Won’t it overwhelm me? What if the content itself is too difficult to implement?

    That’s great if you’re just starting. It means that you will be amazed by all the amazing possibilities that every single little change could give you. I designed this eCourse as I would want to have had it for myself. So, if you already know me a little – it may be challenging from time to time, but if you just decide to fully engage yourself, you’ll find out that the steps are very easy to understand and implement, always with a lot of fun along the way! If I’ve done it - you can, too!

    How can I be sure that the knowledge and tools you provide actually work?

    First of all, I’m the best proof that it works. I personally tested every strategy and every single piece of information that I give you and I got every result that I speak of. What’s more, all of my knowledge is based on proven scientific data - not only does it work, but it’s highly effective, easy to implement and (what’s something that I’m truly passionate about) a lot of fun! Another thing is that there are many others who have already benefited from using this eCourse and have made huge shifts in their lives. You can read their stories in the ‘Testimonials’ section below.

    Is it really worth the price?

    I’m pretty sure what you actually can’t afford is to not buy this eCourse. Just think about it. How much more money and abundance could you create with more energy, thinking clarity and working more effectively? How much quicker could you accomplish your goals, and so also have a lot more time for your passions, friends, family? Is there a price for you to be the best self in the best shape - both physically and mentally?

    I love this eCourse! How can I share my successful story?

    I’m always thrilled and truly honoured when hearing about successes of members of my medRebel Community. Please feel free to contact me and write to to share your ideas and progress. Keep in mind that all correspondence remains confidential unless you gave me express permission to share it with others.

    I’m not so much into the computer stuff. What does the technical part of viewing eCourse look like? Will I be able to do it?

    - It’s nothing to be afraid of. After your purchase, you will get instant access to a user-friendly, intuitive online interface. The eCourse consists of online streaming videos, along with downloadable PDF worksheets and other bonuses made especially for you. Having everything in a simple form allows you to focus on your results without worrying about any technological issues. The only thing you need is a computer with Internet access. There is also a help section in the eCourse interface where you can find answers for your questions and contact details to get in touch with my team.
    - All you need is: Computer or mobile device with internet browser and internet connection and Adobe Reader or other software that will allow you to read PDF files.

    How does the payment process look like? What if something goes wrong along the way?

    - The checkout process is as simple as can be. You will pay using PayPal secure payments, which is one of the world’s most recognized and safest way to do transactions. After hitting the ‘Pay’ button, you will be transferred to a PayPal page where you will be asked to give your credit card details - just follow the instructions on the screen. Nobody other than PayPal, including me and my company, will get those details. Then, after your successful payment, you will be automatically redirected back to my website where you can create your personal account, filling in the form with your name, e-mail and password. After doing this, you’ll be ready to rock! You can immediately start using the eCourse.
    - Important: Make sure to provide the same e-mail address throughout the process because you will be getting e-mail notifications about your progress at each step. So, if anything goes wrong (for example, if the computer crashes) you’ll have an e-mail waiting for you to tell you what to do next.
    If you can’t find this e-mail, please check your spam folder, and if you find message there – make sure to mark it as ‘this is not spam’. If you are using Gmail with enabled ‘categories view’ check also ‘Promotions’ tab in the upper part of the screen.
    - If any additional help is needed, just contact my team by writing to

    Will I get personal advice from you?

    - This eCourse is designed as a self-learning product only. That’s why you can get all the knowledge, tools and benefits in a fairly affordable form. If you feel you need one-on-one personal life and wellness coaching, please refer to ‘coaching section’ on my website.

    How can I get additional help?

    If any additional help is needed just contact my team writing directly to (please have in mind that we operate Mon-Fri 9:00-15:00 UTC).

This eCourse is for you if...

… you want to thrive with wild energy each and every day! 

Just ask yourself: What do you feel after an entire exhausting day of work, not even having the energy to smile at person you love or to yourself or to enjoy your free time? You’re probably already losing opportunities that your life gives you. Think about how much time you’re wasting by being tired all the time. 

Give yourself a chance to be your best self!

This eCourse is NOT for you if...

… you are one of ‘those’ people who already know everything :-) and don’t want to be in an environment of constant growth,

… you aren’t willing to change your belief system about what is possible for you,

… you aren’t willing to play full out, become totally engaged and take action NOW!

I agree to the Terms of Service


Now only $95





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